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Paul Reddick Revealed
A new series by a leading pitching instructor
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It's not hype if it's true!

Paul Reddick (shown here with baseball legend Yogi Berra) is probably one of the most controversial instructors in baseball right now. He pushes a lot of buttons. But rightly so. In fact, Paul deserves the support and gratitude of everyone in baseball for pulling no punches.

Too often, of course, Reddick gets slammed for his marketing approach which, we admit, seems to come off like hype. But WebBall knows guys who have been on his program - and they didn't get it from us, so didn't need to report back here. Yet, they are enthused and successful. Same response as those testimonials you'll see on his sites. Here's the thing... it's not hype if it's true. And with Paul it's true.

This page brings together a collection of new articles written by Paul for WebBall, along with links to some of his books, videos, and other published material.

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