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Catching Skills & Drills
160 minutes on catching with Jerry Weinstein
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160 minutes on catching with Jerry Weinstein

One of our most popular video choices for catchers is this double-volume presentation by Jerry Weinstein. You'll get a detailed overview of the basic receiving, throwing, and fielding fundamentals plus techniques involved in sound catcher play. Featuring two separate video programs now on a single DVD. Catching Skills and Drills Vol. 1—Receiving Techniques and Catching Skills and Drills Vol. 2—Throwing and Fielding Techniques. This two-title set now packaged on one DVD iincludes 160 minutes of instruction, a solid resource for coaches and ballplayers both. Coach Jerry Weinstein served as catching coordinator for the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1999, and was Director of Player Development for the Dodgers in 2000 and 2001, but is best known for his 831-208 record in 23 seasons as head coach at Sacramento City College.

Catching Skills and Drills DVD (2 titles) Jerry Weinstein
Join Team Players, pay $50.36
S/H $8.99 from Calif. Less if ordered with other Coaches Choice titles. HI, AK $11.95



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