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Mom, Can you teach me how to hit?
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Mom, Can you teach me how to hit?
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Call it quirky or creative. Written and produced more like an after-school docu-drama than your typical hitting video, "Mom, Can You..." still manages to fit in all the important points about developing the young hitter. In fact. Bobby Woods just might be one of the best hitting instructors for kids we've seen.

Mom, Can you teach me how to hit?

Former pro player Bobby Woods breaks down the skills and follows the key instructional principle, showing anyone how to develop the young hitter - teach one thing at a time and teach it well. Weight transfer, balance, power, top-hand release - all there, but presented without the jargon. As the story unfolds you'll see why and how a hitter can improve. Great viewing.

Mom, Can you teach me how to hit?
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