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Jaeger Sports Package Deal
Healthy Arm, Healthy Mind

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Alan Jaeger is an amazing man and his program has met with great acceptance and success among players, and among pitching instructors and coaches in both pro and college ranks. Talking with him is an enlightening experience. Reading and viewing his ideas and working his program is a close second. I have had my best, healthiness pitching staff when J-Bands were in use at every practice and pre-game. - Richard Todd, WebBall

Healthy Arm, Healthy Mind

Discover your own personal process to realizing the art of performance. Here's the best way to really understand the full scope of Alan Jaeger's ideas. WebBall is pleased to offer a special package price for Alan's twin J-Bands, "Thrive on Throwing" DVD and "Getting Focused" book.

You can also add additional J-Bands to the order for less than ordering separately.
Package Deal $85.95
Choose your package by size of J-Bands...

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Extra J-Bands for H.S. Pros - $31.95
Extra J-Bands for 13 younger - $31.95
Thrive on Throwing DVD - $39.95
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Richard Todd says:
Apr 05, 2011 at 4:46 PM
Order 2 or more J-Bands plus the DVD and we'll include Alan's book, "Getting Focused, Staying Focused".

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