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Special training balls like Pickle, Poly, Wiffle, Tuffy and Lite-Flite balls do not have the same flight characteristics as game balls. They will not travel as far as baseballs - less momentum (mass) and no raised seams to reduce air drag. So if you plan on using them for throwing, the mistake would be in trying to throw the same distance as with baseballs. It takes more effort, the equivalent of long toss - something you have to build up to. As long as you work with light balls at a closer distance, they are okay, or use one of the pitching machines designed to throw them. If using them to hit, full bat swing speed is okay. - WebBall

WebBall can't list or carry every game, practice or training ball available from our leading suppliers - there are hundreds! Featured here are selected poly, pickle and Wiffle balls.

$5 rebate on shipping when you order more than 3 dozen.

Read through the choices, then build your order.

Pickle Balls

The Pickle Ball is the most durable poly ball on the market, don't be fooled by competitors claims. This is an extra heavy-duty plastic ball featuring a thicker wall structure and a design with a "parting line" which is considered stronger than a regular seam - to hold up far longer than standard poly balls. Ideal for batting practice and for pitching machines. Available in white baseball size only. Priced per dozen, now available only with holes. Ships from WA or IN.


Diamond Super Duty Perforated

These poly balls are thicker & more rigid (some would say more brittle) than standard poly balls but the rigidity is intended to increase durability. Useful for pitching machines, live arm practice, and tee work. Uniform holes for consistent performance. The baseball size ships 30 balls per case, the softball size come 18 per case.

Jugs Bulldog Poly Balls

Features a hi-vis yellow color with uniform holes for maximum accuracy. Designed by Jugs so you know it works great in any pitching machine. Note: Jugs brand items are good quality, but hard to get quickly... demand is high and they are often on back order. Plus they often don't tell their sales channels upfront. We are as surprised as you sometimes. Order well in advance, or chose another brand.


Original Wiffle® Balls

Official ball of the wiffle ball leagues. Designed and patented to curve (so might require training when used in regular feed drills). One side has 8 oblong holes and the other side is solid. Features a 1 year warranty. Priced per dozen, now available in baseball-size only. Allow an extra 7-10 days for delivery.

Baden Red Seam Perforated

These unique high quality poly balls feature patented red seams for realistic pitch tracking. Recessed seams improve machine accuracy and the special red ink won’t rub off. Rigid poly construction is great for pitching machines, live arm practice, and tee work. Uniform holes for top performance.


Golfball-size Poly Balls

Promote focus, concentration and accuracy with the golf ball size perforated poly balls. 1 year warranty. Great for batting practice for softtoss. Available in orders of 3 dozen. (If you use a Personal Pitcher machine, order the balls specified for use with that machine.)
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Order includes ball-order shipment processing charge of $5, plus $2-$5 per doz (or per case). If you need a case lot, contact us for bulk savings.
Poly Whiffle
Pickle Balls with holes - dozen - $26.95
Diamond Super Duty Perforated baseball (30/case) - $33.95
Diamond Super Duty Perforated softball (18/case) - $28.95
Jugs Bulldog Poly Balls - baseball - dozen - $12.77
Jugs Bulldog Poly Balls - softball - dozen - $15.77
Original Wiffle Balls - baseball - dozen - $18.95
Baden Red Seam Perforated Polyballs - dozen - $15.95
Golfball-size Poly Balls - for 3 dozen - $17.95
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