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WebBall can't list or carry every game, practice, or training baseball available - there are hundreds! But we do feature our personal picks for game day, plus special skill development baseballs, also balls for use in pitching machines, plus medicine balls and more.

It's just not practice without baseballs

We've compiled a range of balls by the bucket - different brands, features, and price points. Each bucket contains from 30 balls to 3 dozen. The choice is yours.


Light weight and low impact

We've gathered our favorite suggestions for indoor use into a single feature on what are commonly called "safety balls". These are often a little lighter and/or spongier than regulation baseballs but are a lot safer flying around a gym or anywhere else you can't have a fully caged area.

Special training balls like Pickle, Poly, Wiffle, Tuffy and Lite-Flite balls do not have the same flight characteristics as game balls. They will not travel as far as baseballs - less momentum (mass) and no raised seams to reduce air drag. So if you plan on using them for throwing, the mistake would be in trying to throw the same distance as with baseballs. It takes more effort, the equivalent of long toss - something you have to build up to. As long as you work with light balls at a closer distance, they are okay, or use one of the pitching machines designed to throw them. If using them to hit, full bat swing speed is okay. - WebBall

Polys, Pickles, Wiffles & Bullogs for training

Our recommmend training balls for softtoss and whiffle-type machine use.
$5 rebate on shipping when you order more than 3 dozen.


Dimpled, Pearl, Seamed, Lite-Flite, Red-Seam

Our recommendations for baseballs and softballs for pitching machine use from Jugs and Baden.

$5 shipping rebate when you order more than 3 dozen.


Improve reaction time, hand-eye coordination and focus

Unique design creates unpredictable bounces and direction changes. New, improved Z-Ball is 40% bigger for easier handling and the 7 knobs on this training ball eliminate the impossible bounce.

Z-Balls (Pair}
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Original pyramid training from 7-12 oz

Recommended for the pyramid program outlined on WebBall. Strengthen throwing through the fuill range of core, shoulder, arm mechanics. As you train, gradually increase the weight of the ball to build strength. Color-coded, split-leather covers for easy identification.

Weighted Leather 6-Baseball Training Kit
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S/H $10.25
Baseball Set includes six 9" balls weighing  7 through 12 oz. Please note that regulation baseballs weigh 5 oz. with a 9" circumference. For use on practice days or as a component in pre-game warm-up, pitching short distance to a catch net only. For players 14 and up, with supervision. Note: not every instructor recommends weighted balls. (Bag not included.)

Also available for Softball.


I admit to a personal bias, Diamond is the brand my son grew up playing with as game balls (specifically the budget-priced DOL-A) and the Diamond brand continues to be a respected choice, endorsed by top youth and varsity leagues. - Richard Todd, WebBall

Official baseballs for leagues of all ages

Diamond is one of the most recognizable brands for baseballs and softballs in the country. So many leagues, conferences, and organizations use Diamond balls for good reasons. All feature high quality covers, and are uniquely stitched dry so that the seams will remain raised after taking a hit, unlike other balls which are stitched wet.

Webball now offers the complete Diamond line for all levels of play. Prices have dropped for the 2014 season.

$5 shipping rebate when you order more than 3 dozen.


Play through wet & humidity that would ruin most baseballs

Keep on playing! Special CoreGuard moisture protection technology prevents water-weight build-up to keep balls playable when exposed to moisture. Balls dry to their original weight in only 24 hours. $5 shipping rebate when you order more than 3 dozen.


Baden All-Weather Baseballs HS and Varsity (doz)


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S/H $3.00 price per doz plus per-order charge. Ships from Indiana.


First leather ball for pitching machines

The Jugs Pearl is the first leather baseball designed for use with pitching machines. The difference is the new 'NeverBreak' seams that are made with a high tech thread creating a ball that will last 5 times longer than any other leather baseball.

Note: Jugs brand items are good quality, but hard to get quickly... demand is high and they are often on back order. Plus they often don't tell their sales channels upfront. We are as surprised as you sometimes. Order well in advance, or chose another brand.

Bucket of Pearls
Join Team Players, pay $214.16
S/H $19.00 to US48 from IN. or OR. Allow 10-14 days for delivery


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