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Pre-Game Routine
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Outfield Routine

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A well run outfield warm-up component to the usual pre-game infield routine can not only get a team prepared it can take the wind our of the other team's sails.. Once the team gets used to it, you can probably run this in 10 minutes then move to the short game.

RED lines are direction of ball throws or simulated hits.

BLUE and BLACK lines are direction of player movement.

Set-Up Basics

The outfield/relay portion of the warm up seems to work best if the outfielders start at their left-most positions and work to the right. And it's quicker if you alternate the relay responsibilities for third, second and short - it gives each time to get to the next ready position while another play is going on. Remember: primary purpose is to learn the field: judge site lines, distance to home, fences, any dips or rough ground or wet spots. It especially helps visitors take away some of the home-field advantage.

Run the Drill

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This drill is also included in Defending Your Turf. Order the complete field manual in print or chapter 4 as a PDF.

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