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Rule #1: Take charge.

It's way more than calling pitches.

The catcher is the field captain for obvious reasons... He has the best view of every baserunner, and every defensive player, plus he is close enough to size up the batter's approach and faults.

The best catchers combine brawn and brains. They have the muscle reactions and agility to react quickly whether to a stray pitch, a quick bunt, or a charging runner. And they have - or should have - the best memory of what has already happened in the game, from what each batter did in previous at-bats to who is the greatest threat to steal, or try to take an extra base on a hit. 

Essential Skills

Given all the above, catching is not for everyone, but if you like to be in the heart of the action on every pitch and every play, and your coach asks you to take on the role - it's a compliment, a great responsibility, and an opportunity to excel. Do it - take charge.

Group Drills
All drills help, and under 'Your Role' above we list several with special rssponsibilities for the Catcher. Put extra effort into those when the coach runs them during practice, but here is a quick list of all the team drills because you may be called on at any time to fill another position.
Extended Instruction

This section includes answers to frequently asked questions but also links to a new lesson series for both catchers and their pitchers on how to fool batters.

Recommended Products

In addition to specialty items, check out our recommended training products for hitters because it's important for catchers to be 5-tool players.

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