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Also check out the guides to radar guns, training bats, hitting stations, pitching machines, first aid, books on program building, and videos specifically for coaches. (Almost all store categories have items to help coaches.)


Give your team advanced statistics software with the added benefit of direct access to the complete training resources of WebBall.

What every stats software should provide...

  • Instant communication with coaches, roster and fan base.
  • Season scheduling and game results to keep everyone updated.
  • Track team performance, fundraising efforts, and more.
  • Advanced practice planning linked to WebBall's instructional database.
  • Easy-to-use features for player profiles and the team photo gallery.
  • Detailed number crunching with the latest baseball metrics to improve performance and productivity.
  • Quick analysis to spot the best hitters for leading off or moving runners or maximizing your offense.
  • A truer picture of pitching performance using insights that go way beyond ERA.
  • Plus unique player/parent features integrated with your game records and stats software.
To find out more details and take it for a test drive, click here.
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No coach should be without this

This dry-erase marker board is an essential tool for every baseball/softball coach. The convenient and portable design makes it easy for strategizing. (Click images for larger view.)
  • Dry erase with an easy wipe-off surface
  • Measures 10" W x 16" H
  • Full field on one side and a large line-up chart on the other
  • Large steel clip holds paper firmly in place making a great writing surface
  • Includes a dry erase marker
Dry Erase Coaches Board
Join Team Players, pay $14.39
S/H $6.50 to US48. Includes pen


We recommend one for each dugout entrance (both teams) and consider one for the backside of pitcher's mound or else have one close to each bullpen area. This is not simply a convenience but a necessary safety aid.

An essential tool for the mound or dugout

The Original Cleat Cleaner has been used extensively by Major League Baseball and at nearly every Super Bowl since 1966. The rugged all rubber construction will remove mud from cleats quickly providing better traction, improved maneuverability, decreased injuries, and cleaner dressing rooms. Install it on the mound, outside the locker room door, around the team bench area, in bullpens, or in the dugout. Can be mounted to treated lumber and buried in the ground for permanent installation or thrown down for temporary use. Measures 13" x 12-1/2" with 84 spike cleaners.

The Original Cleat Cleaner
Join Team Players, pay $24.09
S/H $12.00 On additional quantity shipping will be reduced by $2 per unit.


Balls not included

Holds and hauls 300 balls

The dolly style design tips back, and rolls easily on the 10" dia. pneumatic tires, and features a convenient 'handle bar' design for a comfortable grip. Constructed from heavy wall, Flo-Coated galvanized steel tubing to eliminate rust & corrosion. Pneumatic wheels roll easily over uneven turf and wet infield clay.

Osborne Deluxe Back-Saver Ball Caddy
Join Team Players, pay $278.79
S/H $50.00 to US48 from Indiana. Due to dimensions this item has to ship in a higher weight class..


Easy transport, safe storage

Makes transport of your base tops and base plates easy and protects them while stored. Can be used for bases with either 1" or 1-1/2" stanchions.

These are being redesign and will be available sometime in October.


Practice throwing inside pitches w/o risking teammates

You never throw a pitch that counts without a batter in the box, so why practice that way?

The Designated Hitter is a batter stand-in made of durable, space-age polymers. Placed in the batter’s box during pitching practice, it's a safe alternative to live stand-ins, allowing pitchers to practice all pitches in a more game-like setting, especially those inside, jamming pitches. The DH stands as a left-hand or right-hand batter, can crowd the plate, and won't tip over if hit. You'll have better prepared pitchers, who throw more strikes with confidence. Great for helping young pitchers eliminate the fear of throwing to a live batter; helps older pitchers work on pitches with movement.


For details or to order the new two-piece youth model...
Designated Hitter Pro -

Join Team Players, pay $287.96
S/H $30.00 from MA to US48


Choices include...
Pete Caliendo - Practice Organization on DVD
This is now available as part of the Caliendo package deal.


Sign up for bonus content and product discounts

When you join the WebBall Team Player program you'll have access to player mechanics in motion, animated drills, and other special content to help you come to the field better prepared for every game & practice. Plus you'll have a product purchase discount to help your team budget go farther.


The Crazy Legs is the best padded folding chair we've ever sat in. Comfort enough for extra innings, double headers, an entire weekend tournament. - Karen Todd, WebBall

For the Serious Fan/Scout

Picture yourself parked close to the dugout, down the side lines, or beyond the outfield fence. Padded armrests, side table, and side organizer pockets give you places for your snacks, your sunglasses and your Palm Pilot. (Might even find a pocket for you radar gun.) You can score, scout, or just take it all in. Seat height 18 width 19 Side table 15 x 11.

Fan/Scout Chair

Join Team Players, pay $52.89
S/H $13.75 to US48, ships from WA


Every coach who tries it, wants it. Took us all of 2 minutes to test this and realize it was a clever training aid that met a very real need. As anyone who's a big believer in tees, soft toss and drop-ball drills, we could quickly see how the Quick Hitter combines hand-eye coordination, tracking and reaction drills, into a fool-proof gadget. Makes a great ball picker-upper, too. we can't imagine any coach who wouldn't want one of these with him everywhere. - WebBall

Indispensible training aid for hitting instructors

The Quick Hitter allows you to do effective hitting drills to improve swing mechanics and develop a quick bat. Work all points in the strike zone with more accuracy than soft toss. No bending down or kneeling to load the Quick Hitter; no reaching into the strike zone to place the ball where you want it.

Provides effective batting practice for traveling teams and a another good hitting station at during team practices. Also a great backyard batting practice aid.

Quick Hitter

Join Team Players, pay $34.16
S/H $10.00 to Continental US, ships out in 1-2 days . Due to length available in US only, no international orders, sorry.


WebBall Team Player membership includes an automatic discount on all purchases.

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