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Give your team advanced statistics software with the added benefit of direct access to the complete training resources of WebBall.

What every stats software should provide...

  • Instant communication with coaches, roster and fan base.
  • Season scheduling and game results to keep everyone updated.
  • Track team performance, fundraising efforts, and more.
  • Advanced practice planning linked to WebBall's instructional database.
  • Easy-to-use features for player profiles and the team photo gallery.
  • Detailed number crunching with the latest baseball metrics to improve performance and productivity.
  • Quick analysis to spot the best hitters for leading off or moving runners or maximizing your offense.
  • A truer picture of pitching performance using insights that go way beyond ERA.
  • Plus unique player/parent features integrated with your game records and stats software.
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We continue to recommend TurboStats as standalone software, and for its ability to integrate in-game results via ScoreKeeper. Although our service and support efforts have switched to the online stats analysis provided by WebBall's own hosted team sites, there is a lesser known feature in Turbostats which is truly unique - the ability to track player participation. The lineup tool allows coaches to plan the game out for this exact purpose. You can do field charts and get reports on the number of innings at each position. Both parents and players can be reassured about playing time and player rotation. - Richard Todd, WebBall

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The top-ranked baseball stats software

With TurboStats you can do it all...
This is absolutely, without doubt, the most tested, refined and proven baseball stats software available. With over 100 different stats. Quickly track batting, fielding, pitching, catching and baserunning for an unlimited number of teams and games. Drag-n-drop players onto the field, setup a batting order or let TurboStats create it for you. Even print lineup cards and fielding diagrams with up to 9 innings on one sheet of paper.
The new Scorebook Designer (included) creates customizable scorebook pages for live game scoring and the Animated Situation Editor (ProSeries only) helps you develop coverage drills and more. Plus TurboStats has better web integration, and more, added to the latest version.
TurboStats Complete for Baseball/Softball
Join Team Players, pay $53.96


New edition: with a major focus on baseball

This is a unique software tool for athletic trainers, physical therapists, biomechanists, sports medicine specialists, personal trainers, and other professionals interested in anatomy. This new-edition DVD-ROM series includes specific software on the major conerns for baseball... 'The Shoulder', 'The Foot, Ankle, & Lower Leg' and 'The Knee'. These innovative applications offer a unique, interactive look at the anatomy of sports injuries, including animations.

Sports Injuries
Join Team Players, pay $430.16
S/H $8.00 DVD-ROM WINDOWS 95/98/NT4/2000/XP, MAC OS CLASSIC. NO RETURN ON OPENED SOFTWARE. We pay the sales tax in over 20 States, so you don't have to.


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